Catalog Production Consulting

TotalWorks provides workflow consultation and support to clients who want to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their catalog production workflows. 

Interacting closely with you, we use a step-by-step discovery method which focuses on current processes, people and technology used in the production of your catalogs. Considering the best of your existing resources and systems, we uncover ways to improve and help you implement solutions that work. 

Our recommendations focus on satisfying both short and long term strategic objectives. From original concept through page design and copywriting, we help you produce projects more efficiently with output that is publishable to print, web or mobile device. Throughout implementation, you will experience incremental improvements that provide immediate, noticeable returns. And during project review, our clients report advances that can be applied to future productions, resulting in repeatable ROI.



Do you finish each catalog, heave a great sigh of relief, then ask yourself how it could be done differently, better, next time?

When attempting the plan-and-debrief meeting does it result in complaint-and-lament? Here are a couple of tips for that meeting.