Why TotalWorks

From hot type to the cloud, our over eight decades of experience has taught us to think about processes and technology in progressive ways. Our expertise and tools for publishing automation enable you to optimize efficiency and produce high-quality catalogs and marketing collateral pieces that drive positive bottom line results.

Our consultative approach means that we know that one size does not fit all. Our approach is scalable, incremental and customizable to meet our client’s specific needs. We help our clients create processes, deploying technology when, where and how to optimize results. After a consulting engagement, we may or may not be a vendor. Our business model is agnostic that way. We are problem solvers.

Our engagements vary. It can be a short term, straightforward objective like determining the best printer to use for a specific project. Or it can be a strategic, multi dimensional objective like mapping a process for centralizing, updating and sharing product information and followed by selection of the technology for implementation.